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Effortlessly Learn New Vocabulary!

VocabularyStickers are language-learning stickers with foreign language translations for items commonly found around your home and office. By placing these small unobtrusive labels on their corresponding objects you repeatedly expose yourself to new words in your foreign language.

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What people say about VocabularyStickers™

"These stickers made it easy for me to grow my Dutch vocabulary in no time!"

Elisabeth from London

"Ever since I have placed vocabulary stickers around my house, my children only reference furniture pieces by their German names!" 

Gabriela from Hamburg

"Thanks to Vocabulary Stickers I now know all the home related vocabulary including its article (het or de) - finally!"

Bryan from the Hague

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The Science behind Vocabulary Stickers

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition, or exposing yourself to the same piece of information at regular intervals to move it into your long term memory, is a scientifically proven method to memorise information and increase vocabulary size in foreign languages.

"Results were significantly in favour of the color and picture combination treatment for the recall of German articles."   Color Coding in Language Learning

Colour Coding

Learning Stickers

Colour coding, or using different colours for difficult distinguishable elements, helps to memorize non-logical information such as foreign language noun genders or Chinese tones (e.g. der in blue, die in red and das in orange in German).

"Spaced repetition can increase knowledge by up to 50 percent, and strengthen retention for up to two years."  Spaced Education Boosts Learning