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Learn Dutch VocabularySpanish, also called Castilian belongs to the group of Romance languages. It is the second most spoken language worldwide. Native Spanish speakers amount to 470 million of world's population. Apart from Spain, Spanish is the official language of 19 countries in the Americas. In total, over 550 million people speak Spanish, ranking it so the most common choice for the second language worldwide. Moreover, Spanish is one of the six official languages of United nations and it is also used as an official language of European Union, the Organization of American States and the Union of South American Nations.


Spanish, evolved after the collapse of Western Roman Empire in the 5th century from dialects of common Latin in Iberia. Spanish was spread worldwide in the early 16th century to the colonies of the Spanish Empire, most notably the Americas, territories in Africa, Oceania and Philippines.



Spanish vocabulary was influenced by other Ibero-Romance languages as well as many Arabic words during the Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula. Furthermore, Spanish has adopted words from non-Iberian languages, particularly the Romance languages Occitan, French, Italian and Sardinian. In modern era Spanish has taken up many words also from English.

Spanish Language World 

Map of Spanish speaking countries and communities (source: Wikipedia)


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Learning Spanish

The best way to learn Spanish, as much as any language, is by total immersion. Although, it is not always possible to spend a longer period of time in a Spanish speaking country, you can start your immersion immediately with Spanish language learning stickers.

Also, you can start to try to read simple Spanish language newspapers like el Mundo or you can watch some Spanish language TV in order to assimilate a language immersion. Enrolling in a language course is the next best thing. Once you feel a bit more familiar with the language, a visit to Spain, Mexico or another Spanish speaking country will help you enormously to get the feel for the language. 


How to Learn Spanish quick and easy?

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