How to Use?

Use your stickers to create the best possible results!

1. Place all your stickers around your home and/or office.

2. For objects that are on the stickers but you do not have, place the sticker on the closest possible item. For example: Place the sticker for clothes in or on your closet.

3. Always when you see the sticker, try to repeat the word (out loud). As you do, focus on the color and the additional grammatical information (i.e. article, gender, etc.).

4. Create a wall of mastery for words you have learned. In order to have a motivating overview over your learning progress, place all words you master in one place (e.g. your fridge).

Do you have more tips and suggestions how to use VocabularyStickers? Let us know at and we will for sure publish them on our blog!


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