How it Works?

The science behind VocabularyStickers

Vocabulary Stickers are designed to make use of the amazing power of spaced repetition learning and color coding principles.


Forgetting Curve

Spaced repetition means exposing yourself to the same piece of information at regular intervals to move it into your long term memory. As you can see in the graphic on the left, exposing yourself to a given information over several days helps you attain that piece of information in the long-term memory. Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven method to memorize information and increase vocabulary size in foreign languages.

"Spaced repetition can increase knowledge by up to 50 percent, and strengthen retention for up to two years."

  Spaced Education Boosts Learning






Colour Coding in Language Learning

Colour coding is a principle for remembering difficult to distinguish elements by use of different colours. In language learning this is for example used for subconsciously learning correct articles for a noun or the right tones in Chinese (e.g. der in blue, die in red, and das in orange for German). 


"Results were significantly in favour of the color and picture combination treatment for the recall of German articles."

 Color Coding in Language Learning



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