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Benefits for affiliates:

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  • Simple, high-demand and low-price product
  • 9 Languages

Benefits for learners:

  • Colour-coding for hard to memorize linguistic elements (e.g. gender, articles, tones, etc.)
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  • 100% money back guarantee

    9 languages:

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Chinese
    • Russian


    Sample Promotional Text

    Vocabulary Stickers are small labels you can stick on everyday objects around your house to start learning a new language. By placing these small unobtrusive stickers on their corresponding objects you repeatedly expose yourself to the word in your target language.

    This makes them a great tool for every beginner who is starting to learn a new language.

    Also, Vocabulary Stickers were designed with color-coding in mind. They feature different colors for non-rational information such as articles in foreign languages (e.g. der/die/das in German or de/het in Dutch). So, they help the learner subconsciously memorize the right article.

    One sticker set retails at €13,95. For that price the learner receives 132 stickers with the most important words for everyday objects. The extra plus is that the stickers do not leave glue residue and are not easily damaged (e.g. by water).

    You can start learning French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Chinese, English, Dutch or Italian with More languages are coming soon.

    Vocabulary stickers can really help you kick start your next language!