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Portuguese Language Stickers
Portuguese Language Learning Stickers
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Portuguese Language Stickers

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Kickstart your Portuguese with our awesome stickers!

You will learn 132 most important words in no time, just by placing your language learning stickers around your home or office.

Portuguese VocabularyStickers™ set features four A5 sheets with 132 learning stickers that are color-coded for different Portuguese articles.

Stickers corresponding to Portuguese masculine article o are blue, the feminine articles a are red, while the masculine words in plural corresponding to os are violet, and plural feminine corresponding to as are orange. In this way you will subconsciously learn that it is o livro and not a livro for the book. Also, each sticker features a small English translation.

All stickers are printed on a special high-resistance foil, are easily removable, and do not leave any glue residue.

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 Vocabulary Stickers Guarantee

We are so sure that you will love our product that we are ready to refund you, in a case you do not like our stickers!


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