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Italian Language

Learn Dutch VocabularyItalian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Europe. Its speakers amount up to 64 million in total and account for about 13% of European Union citizens. Italian is the official language of San Marino and a primary language of the Vatican City. It is also one of the official languages of Switzerland. 

Italian is descended from Latin and also closest in terms of vocabulary. Its poetic and literary origins date back to the twelfth century. The first texts that are considered Italian were written in so called Vulgar Italian (descendant of Vulgar Latin) and date back to 930's. The modern Italian as we know it today has been, however, shaped by relatively recent events. First texts in normalised Italian were by Dante Alighieri in his epic poems known as Divina Commedia. Italian language further fully bloomed during the renaissance period in works of Petrarca and Boccaccio.


Italian is not only the official language of Italy, San Marino, Vatican and Switzerland; it was also the official language in Italian colonies during World War 2 where its influence remains relevant until today (see map). Italian is also spoken worldwide by various Italian communities (see map). 

Italian speaking countries

Map of Italian speaking countries and communities (source: Wikipedia)


Italian Dialects

linguistic map of ItalyItalian language is very rich on regional dialects. Almost every Italian you meet would claim, that the first language they have to learn is official Italian. With this said, don't feel insecure about your newly developed skill. Official Italian is well spoken all across Italy.

"Linguistic map of Italy" by Susana Freixeirominor changes by Xane Zeggi 


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Learning Italian

The best way to learn Italian, as much as any language, is by total immersion. Although, it is not always possible to spend a longer period of time in Italy, you can start your immersion immediately with Italian language learning stickers.

Also, you can start to try to read simple Italian newspapers such as Metro or you can watch some Italian TV and listen to Italian music in order to assimilate a language immersion. Enrolling in a language course is the next best thing. Once you feel a bit more familiar with the language, a visit to Italy will help you enormously to get the feel for the language. 


How to Learn Italian quick and easy?

With our language learning stickers your everyday learning becomes a great deal of fun. Place stickers on every object and start learning. Our collection of 132 most common words will help you to name object of daily life in no time.

Most common Italian phrases: 




Of course!

Certo! / Certamente! / Naturalmente!





How are you?

Come stai? (informal)

Good morning!

Buongiorno! (= Good day!)

Good evening!


Good night!


Have a nice day!   

Buona giornata! (formal)

Enjoy the meal!        

Buon appetito!


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